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Hubei Hansen Cultural Tourism Co., Ltd., established in April 2019 with a registered capital of 20 million yuan, is a subsidiary of Wuhan Fute Amusement Techonolgy Co.,Ltd. It mainly provides a series of services such as planning, design, procurement, manufacturing, installation and turnkey for the secondary consumption of large amusement parks and scenic spots at home and abroad. It can improve the popularity and reputation of the scenic spot, improve the local cultural literacy, promote the increase of the tourist population in the scenic spot, promote the local consumption of catering, accommodation and shopping, and provide local employment opportunities, so as to drive the development of GDP and truly realize the win-win of economic and social benefits.
Since its establishment, the company has participated in the planning and design of secondary consumption projects of Chengdu guosetian Township and Chongqing Shengming Global City, a 5A scenic spot, and invested in joint ventures with equipment investment to participate in the operation and management of the scenic spot; Participate in the design and construction of Wuhan Huangpi Mulan Flower Village amusement park project; Participate in the design and construction of secondary consumption projects (such as cableway, glass plank road and amusement park) in Mulan Tianchi and jinligou scenic spots in Huangpi, Wuhan.
In October 2019, according to the company's strategic development plan, the company sought to expand the overseas amusement park market, opened up the markets of Asian, African and European countries such as India, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Kenya, Algeria and Turkey through the amusement machine Association and participating in overseas exhibitions, and signed a cooperation agreement with the Aviation Department of Ghana in Africa, with an estimated investment of US $200 million, A 60 acre large-scale amusement project integrating tourism, recreation, accommodation, leisure and assembly will be built in Accra, the capital of Ghana. The site selection and feasibility analysis report have been completed, and the geological exploration infrastructure will be constructed in the next step. After the completion of the project, the revenue can reach US $60 million / year, the profit and tax paid can reach US $10 million, and the employment population can exceed 1000.
According to the company's strategic development plan, in the next five years, the company will build 6-8 amusement park projects in Africa, Asia and central and North America with Ghana amusement park in Africa as the template and in the modes of assistance and PPP co construction.

ADD:No. 65 Garden Road, DongXiHu District, WuHan, HuBei, China

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